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Event Photography

Let us capture the excitement of your event

with Instant Printing on site, any time, any place

What is Event Photography?

For us at Gnewt Photography it means taking photographs in a style appropriate to your event and letting your guests look through them on screens before choosing the ones they want.  Our friendly staff help your guests choose and then print the photographs on high speed digital printers - real photographs in seconds.


We've photographed tens of thousands of dogs in agility, flyball, companion shows and portraiture.  We understand dogs and the 'dog' world having been a familiar sight on the circuits for a number of years.

You'll also find us covering equestrian events, both serious and 'not so serious'.


Whether it be 'in the field' or in the dance hall, we'll be found taking the types of photograph that reflect the levels of realism re-enactors and enthusiasts strive to achieve. We cover all periods and genres.


Event Photography with Instant Printing on site is a great way of providing an extra revenue stream and increasing the profile of your event.  We also provide your post event publicity photos at no charge


Party Time

Balls, proms, birthdays, anniversaries, concerts, celebrations - you name it, we can cover it.  Doesn't matter to us if it's in the open or in a top London hotel - wherever and whenever your event is we will cover it.

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